5 Tips to Boosting Your Positive Vibes with Negative ions

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We need exposure to negative ions to remain more positive in life.  While it may sound a little backward at first – negative ions are quite good for us because these tiny little molecules clean the air around us by attaching themselves to positive ions, whether from dust, smoke, electronics, car exhaust or breathing – they do not simply float around for us to breathe into our system.  A city that is heavily populated has fewer negative ions and more positive ions.

With PureLife products, your love for negative ions can reach new heights. Most of us will never have the opportunity to feel the powerful breeze that howls down from the Himalayan Mountains that brings healing energy into that sacred land, but we can practice yoga at sunrise, and embrace the magical breeze that flows through our bodies during that time.  Exposure to negative to negative can be cleansing, strengthening, and even mystical. Through deep meditation practices we can feel the negative ions flowing into our systems – cleansing, healing and creating space for an abundance of joy and vitality.

Ever wonder why we feel so renewed and incredibly revived after being near a waterfall? Negative  ions help relieve stress, increase vitality, strengthen our immune system and they are essential to the human body. Our bodies are meant to absorb negative ions on a regular basis, so it is no wonder why there are so many health problems related to fatigue, depression, and immune disorders, and why so many people find it incredibly hard to let their true nature shine.  We are constantly surrounded by technology that eliminates positive ions in the air.

Many of us think we can escape the effects of pollution by staying indoors, but it is quite common for indoor environments to be polluted as well.   Most homes, offices, and even bedrooms have electronic devices; laptops, mobile phones, television, lights, heaters – we are exposed to countless electronic gadgets these days.  When you combine these other pollutants, you can almost guarantee that you’re getting exposed to way too many positive ions, and this over-exposure to positive ions can contribute to the body being in toxic overload.

Here are some small steps we can take to make our environment richer in negative ions:

–          Connect with nature. Go barefoot and take a walk on the raw earth.  A natural environment I filled with negative ions.  Our feet are conductors that absorb negative ions, so enjoy the outdoors by taking in the fresh air, the trees, and once in a while experience a lovely barefoot walk.
–          Spend time at the beach or waterfall.   We all feel good after being at the beach, near the mountains, or near a waterfall.  The sound of the crashing pure water can be reviving, and nature’s most parts of our planet are charged with negative ions.
–          Place potted plants throughout your house or office. It is common for modern homes tob e more polluted than the outdoor environments so bring the beauty of nature into these enclosed spaces.
–          Use Himalayan rock salt lamps or ion generator to purify your house. These lamps and purifiers mop up positive ions and help restore natural harmony into your environment.
–          Wear a negative ion band or bracelets.  PureLife bracelets feature powerful mierals infused with negative ions that promote improved well-being and offer tremendous lifestyle benefits.