7 Ways to Compliment a Woman

7 Ways to Compliment a Woman

Gone are the days when men are the only ones who can take care of a family, land a superior position in an organization, or simply fulfill life’s demands. This International Women’s Day, appreciating the dreams and capabilities of women in the society goes beyond their physical attributes.

Complimenting a woman doesn’t always have to come with romantic intentions. Be it your mom, sister, cousin, significant other, or even a female stranger you just ran into while on your way to work, knowing how to compliment a woman will not only boost your chivalry but also put a smile on her face! Find out how to make her feel special and appreciated with these 7 ways to compliment a woman.

How to Compliment a Woman

1. Be genuine

Don’t try too hard and force something out of your mouth just to compliment her. Instead, compliment her when you truly mean it.

2. Be respectful

Be sure to watch your words and keep your compliments civil. As a rule of thumb, don’t say something you wouldn’t say to your mom or sister.

3. Focus on what’s important to her

Once you get to know her, you will be able to find out what matters most to her– is it her family, her career, or maybe her health? Focusing on what’s important to her will make it easier for you to compliment her.

4. Look for things she put effort into

Be it her outfit, hairstyle, or the dinner she made for you, compliment the things or actions she’s done with an effort instead of complimenting attributes she was born with and didn’t put any effort on.

5. Pay attention to what’s new with her

Did she get her nails done? Or maybe bought a new dress? Whatever is new with her, pay attention and let her know you care.

6. Go beyond looks

Looks are something she was born with. She didn’t put effort into having beautiful eyes or lovely hair. Instead, compliment things she’s worked hard for like that painting or garden she’s taking care of.