Alleviate Anxiety With Negative Ion Bracelets

Alleviate Anxiety With Negative Ion Bracelets

You don’t have to have diagnosed anxiety disorder to be familiar with the feeling. Your heart and mind race at a million hours an hour and you are completely on edge. This is your body’s natural physiological response to fear and stress. While this feeling can be overwhelming and in some cases debilitating, there are natural ways to help reduce the feeling of anxiety. One of the best ways to help alleviate anxiety that we’ve found at Purlife is by increasing the negative ion levels around us. Here’s how you can alleviate anxiety with negation ion bracelets from Purlife!

What are Negative Ions?

Do you ever notice that when the water breaks when waves hit the beach that there is something in the air that calms your body and mind? The relaxing feeling in the air that you feel is the effect of a surge of negative ionization energy— or negative ions for short. At Purlife, we have spent years researching the positive effects that negative ions can have on your body and mind from helping you sleep to helping you alleviate anxiety. While there are several different anxiety disorders, the feeling of anxiety that we are all familiar with can be alleviated with negative ions.

In essence, negative ions are tiny molecules that are in the atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. Being exposed to negative ions can have incredible health benefits that help reduce the symptoms of depression, improving cognitive performance, and even promoting antimicrobial activity. When worn on an ionizing bracelet, these negative ions radiate around you.

So how do these negative ions help alleviate anxiety?

They Help Promote and Regulate Sleep

One way that negative ions help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety is by helping your body regulate sleep. Because anxiety is a result of your body responding to stress and fear, one way that you can help alleviate that response is by being better rested to cope with anxiety. How does this work exactly?

Well, research published in the International Journal of Molecular Science found that participants that fell asleep in rooms with high exposure to negative ions were found to fall asleep easier. Additionally, participants were found to have gone into deeper sleep cycles than the control group. This significantly improved the quality of sleep. Better sleep means that you are better able to handle stress and as a result experience less anxiety.

Sleep is as important to your health as eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. Improving your sleep with negative ions is an important factor in bettering your mental health and functions to help you better manage issues like anxiety and depression.

For more on how negative ions can improve your life, visit the Purlife blog.