Is A Cleansing Diet Safe?

Is A Cleansing Diet Safe?

A popular trend that has emerged in recent years are cleansing/detox diets. The name itself defines the diet as ridding the body of toxins that don’t exit through natural waste.  However, it has been shown that these diets can not be as useful as the trend sets it out to be.

What You Should Consider About Cleanses

Diet Restrictions

Since you are detoxing your body, you are put on a limited diet. Depending on the diet you choose, it can cause your body to become weak and hungry. Some diets require liquids or fruits and veggies as the only source of ‘food’ that you can intake for weeks. This causes you to give up many of the foods you eat in your life.

Yes, you will be eating healthier since you are staying away from processed foods. However, your body still needs nutrients and actual food to be healthy. If you want to choose a detox diet, pick one that allows you to eat. Liquid diets are not healthy as you don’t receive the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Health Conditions

These fad diets can be dangerous for people with health problems such as diabetes. Detoxing without food will severely affect your blood sugar levels because you aren’t eating actual food. Even with the medication, you may be taking for it; it will not replenish what your body needs from food.

There is no scientific research to prove that detox diets have any benefits of helping with blood pressure, cholesterol, or the heart, despite what is being said in the media or on T.V. If you have any health issues related to these, do not rely on these diets to help with them.

Weight Expectations

Another reason people join in on the detox diet is to lose weight. Considering on these diets, you are not providing your body with the proper nutrition; you will lose a couple of pounds due to water weight.

Other than that, when you are off the detox diet, you will just gain all the weight back. By going back to eating food, your body is going to make up for the food it was deprived of therefore restoring all the fat and vitamins it needs.

Detox diets may seem as if they are healthy and beneficial to your body. All you are doing is denying your body of essential supplements and nourishment it needs to function and be healthy.

Instead, try clean eating, a diet that lets you eat food without all the processed ingredients.