Do Negative Ion Balance Bracelets Actually Work?

Do Negative Ion Balance Bracelets Actually Work

Have you ever gone out for an early morning run at the park and noticed that so many people who are exercising around you are wearing stylish athletic bracelets? You may know these bracelets as ion bracelets, “balance bracelets, or negative ion bracelets and they are all the craze in the health and fitness community. While these are incredibly popular for their stylish appearance and the perceived wellness benefits, you may have wondered if there is any stock in these claims. Do negative balance bracelets actually work? The answers might surprise you!

What Are Negative Ion Bracelets Made of?

Negative ion bracelets come in a wide range of materials and styles. When you’re looking for a negative ion balance bracelet to purchase, you will have options like purchasing a sporty fit with rubber and plastic wristbands and more elegant looking bracelets made with titanium and onyx. Regardless of what the material that your wrist band is made of, what really makes your negative ion bracelet special is the negative ion generating gemstones that are set into the bracelet. Gemstones like Tourmaline and amethyst generate negative ions which are attributed as the reason why balance bracelets work so well to actually help you balance.

How Negative Ion Bracelets Work

Negative ion bracelets are made with materials that have been shown to generate negative ions in large concentrations. Negative ions, like those that are found where water molecules collide and break in as nature, have been shown to have a positive impact on the body and mind. Negative ions have been shown to improve sleep, boost moods, and even help with depression and anxiety. Could it be that the energy emitted by negative ion bracelets could have a positive impact on the body and help improve physical performance such as balance?

Placebo Effect or Real Beneficial Properties?

Whenever it comes to holistic beliefs, there are always those who are going to be skeptical about whether such things actually work. This is especially true when you enter the world of gemstones and negative ion energies. Some will say that negative ion balance bracelets are placebo and they only work because the user believes they do. The thing is, it has been proven scientifically that when oxygen particles collide they become negatively charged ions which have a positive effect on people who are in proximity to them. Whether negative ion bracelets help you balance better is still inconclusive, but that doesn’t negate that negative ions are real, scientifically proven, and generated by materials like tourmaline which is used in the design of the bracelet.

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