Is Eating Fast Food Cheaper?

Is Eating Fast Food Cheaper?

When fast food chains advertise to the public cheap prices and large meals, people will jump at the idea. Everyone wants to eat a heaping meal for only a couple bucks and not have to worry about making a mess in the kitchen. But then the question arises, is eating fast food cheaper than cooking at home? There are many factors in a comparison like this and we did the homework to bring you the answers.

Is Fast Food Worth Your Money?

Grocery Store vs. Drive Thru

“Society of Teachers of Family Medicine” (STFM) conducted a study finding out if shopping at the grocery store was cheaper than swinging in and out of a drive thru. It was found that shopping at the supermarket not only was more affordable but met the national dietary requirements for healthy eating.

We looked at some statistics to figure out if this was, in fact, true. STFM found the total cost average for a healthy food diet was $5,019 every year. Then the yearly average for fast food came out to a whopping $10,298. That is more than twice of the “eating at home” budget. Breaking it down even further the average daily cost for a nutritious meal is $7.48 next to the $15.30 average for convenient food.

Weekly Costs

The average family has a weekly budget for groceries. Each person consumes three meals a day every day. Oakton Community College found what the average price would be for each individual per meal per day on home-cooked meals versus eating out. $43 is how much it cost for the week for each individual to eat three meals. Over double that, $87 is how much a family is to eat fast food for each of the three meals.


All fast food is, is unhealthy, expensive and convenient. The majority of fast food costs $6 per person for either lunch or dinner. And gathering from the facts above is it NOT cheaper to eat fast food than it is to cook a nutritious home-cooked meal.