Eating Healthy vs. Unhealthy: Which Costs More?

Eating Healthy vs. Unhealthy: Which Costs More?

Many consumers associate unhealthy eating habits with economic hardship. Those who can afford healthy food tend to be well off in comparison to those who opt to junk food. To many, it’s easier to pick the cheaper option claiming that it’s easier in their wallets. The battle between unhealthy and healthy food has raised some questions in the past. Which selection costs more? Science now backs the truth behind unhealthy food and lower prices.

Investing in Your Diet

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Published in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that unhealthy food is $1.50 cheaper per day. That’s about $550 per year compared to unhealthy food. The largest price difference was between meat and proteins which costs about $.29 more per serving than unhealthier options. Healthy snacks and sweets cost an average of $.12 more. Still, no price difference was seen when it came to healthier and unhealthier soda options.

The study was developed on a very healthy diet that consisted of well-supplied vegetables, fruits, and fish compared to a diet filled with meats, grains, and processed food. Thus, the research was based on extreme contrasts.

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Still, if you think that this is an excellent reason to revel unhealthy diets,  think again. While you save $550 per year, this does not include the burden of healthcare resulting to a bad diet. When you think about it, the price difference is rather small when you include diet-related chronic diseases into place.  Health care costs that are linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer will cost more over time. Shelling out a few more dollars for healthier options will help prevent unnecessary healthcare costs.

Taking that into consideration, an additional $550 doesn’t sound like a whole lot of money after all.