Food That You Need to Eat Organically

Food That You Need to Eat Organically

The popularity of organic food had risen over the years when pesticides and other chemical fertilizers began to surface as an issue. Many people prefer to consume nutritious food without the toxic elements to their body. While there are plenty of reasons to eat organic food, we thought that it might be easy to shed some light on food you should be eating organically.

Organic Foods to Add to Your Diet

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Strawberries: California growers use tons of methyl bromide for the production of strawberries. Not only is it damaging to the ozone layer, but in many countries, it is banned for usage. Strawberries are delicate in nature as they are prone to disease and fungal attacks that transform them into mush during transit.

Peaches: Spraying on peaches about once or twice a week is normal from bloom to harvest. The fuzz that is naturally attached to the peach traps the pesticides. If you must eat inorganic peaches, peel their skin before consumption.

Spinach: Many insects like grasshoppers love these delicious leaves, yet these plants suck up the chemicals from the soil. In fact, spinach has been known to hold DDT from the ground which was banned about ten years ago.

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Potatoes: Ah, the beloved potatoes! They are sprayed about five times or more during their peak seasons to prevent them from insects. Additionally, they are sprayed once more to impede mold buildup.

Apples: There is so much pressure for apples to look immaculately perfect. From their shiny exterior to the crispy taste– Apples has hailed kingship in top toxicity. They are susceptible to about 30 predatory insects and about ten diseases. This is why apples are prone to spraying numerous times during their season. After harvest, they are candidates of other chemicals and fungicides to prevent blemishes!

Here at Purlife, we advocate in healthy living with the incorporation of negative ion bracelets and consumption of healthy food. Even though we encourage you to eat organic food, if organic is not an option, we suggest eating healthy. Having said that, it’s not to say that you should prefer a burger over an apple!