Healthy Food Imposters

Healthy Food Imposters

“Eat more greens,” they say. If a donut is glazed green, and vegetables are mostly green, then that means a green-glazed donut is healthy, right? Have you fallen victim of healthy food imposters? If so, you’re not the only one! So we’re here to debunk some of those “healthy” foods for you!

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Imposters Exposed

Fat-Free Dressings

The issue with fat “free” food is that something has to be compensated to make up for the loss. Without fat, the dressing will miss its texture and flavor making it undesirable for consumers. Instead, fillers such as chemicals and sugar are incorporated into the dressing to replicate the same taste as the original. Rather than skipping out on a full-fat dressing, embrace it. Your body needs some of those fats to absorb fat-soluble vitamins from your veggies.

Turkey Bacon

If you think you’re avoiding the disadvantages of regular bacon, think again. While turkey bacon is the best alternative to pork, it tends to be packed with sodium. In fact, with just two slices, you’re getting about 600 milligrams of sodium! That’s alarmingly high considering that it’s more than a quarter of your daily requirements. Yikes!


Ahh! The beloved sushi is packed with nutrients, vitamins and healthy fat– or not. If you think that sushi is healthy, you may want to consider that thought. Even though it’s stuffed with vegetables and fish, it’s rolled up in white rice! What’s more alarming is the equivalence of one sushi roll to four slices of bread. Ouch.


Yes, the tortilla may look thin, but the diameter is large which means that you’re eating a comparable cup-full of spaghetti. Even when you think that you’re getting a spinach wrap, you may want to rethink that; most of them are made with two percent spinach powder. Additionally, wraps are packed with so many ingredients that contributes to more calories. You’re better off with a regular sandwich.

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