4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy Throughout Flu Season

4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy Throughout Flu Season

Whether you’re at a party, mall, plane or train, you want to keep yourself healthy throughout the flu season. When the holidays are nearing, you want to be your best self. No one enjoys sitting next to a sneezy friend in the middle of a company dinner, and you don’t want to be that one guy who ruins the meal by accidentally coughing on the main entree. So when you’re in a minefield full of viruses, you want to stay on top of your health!

Stay Flu-Free!

Beyond the flu shot are ways to ditch the season sickness so you can continue on your merry way! Find out the four easiest ways to ward off the bugs, so you avoid missing important celebrations and work days!

1. Wiping The Germs Goodbye

Before you sit on a bus, train or plane, disinfect the seat with wet wipes. Run it over the air vents, seatbelt buckle, tray table, and armrests. Let this air dry and enjoy your trip. The rule is clean everything that you might come in contact with. That way, you avoid picking up the germs.

2. Pay Attention to Your Hands

Pack hand sanitizers or wet wipes everywhere you go. When you’re shopping for these products, make sure that they’re alcohol-based. Germs attached to your hands are one of the biggest threat to your health at any given season. In fact, the spread of the cold virus is common by hand-to-mouth contact. Watch out for those escalator rails, doors, elevator buttons, and other public centers.

3. Get a Massage

Don’t ignore those quick massages you can get at the mall. In fact, a Swedish massage can lower your stress levels which can boost your white blood cells. In turn, this helps protect your body from germs that you come into contact with. So, if you have ten minutes of your time, pamper yourself with a massage.

4. Treat Yourself But Not To Food

After walking around the mall for several minutes, you might think that you burned off a lot of calories. You may want to think about that again. In an hour, you may have burned an average of 150 calories which is not a lot compared to a 250 calorie-cookie you’re about to eat. Do yourself a favor and just resist the temptation.