How to Do Your Part For the Planet

How to Do Your Part For the Planet

Over the past years, the earth has changed so much. And unfortunately, it’s getting more and more damaged because of the bad habits people developed through time. It’s never too late to turn these habits into positive ones and do your part for the planet.

A healthy planet would also mean a healthy lifestyle for individuals can enjoy. So it helps to reduce human pollution that is consuming our vast planet. There are simple choices you can personally make to contribute to a healthier world. That’s why the next time you think that segregating your garbage or simply putting your trash in the right place doesn’t help, think again. It takes a collective effort to make a positive difference. Protecting our planet starts with you, so find out below how you can do your part this International Earth Day!

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You

1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Recycling one can of soda saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours. So cut down on what you throw away and follow the three “R’s” to conserve natural resources and landfill space.

2. Volunteer

Get involved in your community and help whenever you can. Volunteer for cleanups and other save-the-environment activities.

3. Educate

Share your knowledge with other people and teach them how to care for the environment. This way, you are not only helping the planet but also other people.

4. Conserve water

For example, if your car is dirty, just take it to a car wash instead of washing it yourself. They typically use less than half the water it would take you to wash it yourself. The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater end up in the ocean.

5. Shop wisely

Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag instead. Also, you can start using a refillable water bottle instead of using disposable plastic bottles.

6. Plant a tree

Indeed, trees play a vital role in keeping the environment green as ever. They provide food and oxygen. Plus, they help save energy, clean the air, and help combat climate change.