How to Start Running and Actually Like it

How to Start Running and Actually Like it

Running is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, and it is great for maintenance in fitness. While there are many health benefits backed by this form of exercise, not a lot of people run for various reasons. One of them is that they can be painful and strenuous! Who wants to go through all that trouble, right?

The following are tips on how to start running and actually like it:

Go Outdoors

Run outside! People tend to get bored when they’re doing the same constant thing on a treadmill. Running in the great outdoors not only helps with soaking up all that negative ions, but it also helps by keeping your mind consistently busy by looking at the scenery.

Set Realistic Goals

When people start running, they have this expectation to start by running as fast as they can until everything hurts and they give up. There is a level of skill for running which means that everything has to begin slowly. Therefore, make realistic goals when you’re running. Try jogging for a bit until you’re ready for the real deal!

Beginners Start with Walking

If you’re an absolute beginner, expect to do a lot of walking instead of actual running! Don’t beat yourself up over this. Any form of movement is great exercise compared to a sedentary lifestyle.

“No Pain No Gain” Shouldn’t be the Mantra!

Don’t overexert yourself when you’re starting out. You can still gain strength and lose weight without feeling any type of pain. The goal is for you to be consistent with running for long term purposes.

Do Not Stretch

Stretching actually increases your risk to injuries and reduces your performance when you do it before running. So, skip the stretches.


The term “go hard or go home” should not be applied when you’re barely starting out. Set a schedule for your exercise. On your first week try running two to three times a week. Do what makes your running as comfortable as possible.

Increase Your Exercise

Every week increase the time or miles of running. Gradually increase your routine and you’ll see that you’ll be running faster and longer than when you first started. So, try running one mile for week one and week two, but then run 2 miles for week three and week four and so on.