How to Style Your Negative Ion Bracelet

How to Style Your Negative Ion Bracelet

When you’re in the city, you’re not always exposed to the negative ions that you need. This, in turn, could make you groggy, irritated or just plain sad. That is why negative ion bracelets are readily available to release the ions that you need to live a carefree life!

Here at Purlife, we are all about lifestyle and well-being. Having said that, have you ever wondered how you would style our beautiful bracelets with a fabulous outfit? Well, question no more! We’ve come up with some ideas to tailor your negative ion bracelet

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This Purlife black stainless negative ion bracelet is complimented with pink Swarovski crystals to cater an edgy yet girly style. Pair them with statement shoes that help you pop with colors like hot or light pink. But if you want to stay out of the limelight, pair them with black shoes! Additionally, this bracelet is magnificent when you want to go out for a formal night out with that little black dress.

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Black and gold are a very classy shade that makes everyone turn their heads towards your direction. It has the word fierce written all over it. So pair this Purlife bracelet with something that simultaneously speaks casual and sophistication.