A Jewelry With Natural Powers

A Jewelry With Natural Powers

Jewelry is a thing of beauty especially when it compliments your style. Wear it down for a Bohemian look and enjoy it at a festival. Or you can have jewelry that goes perfectly well for a dinner date. There’s always a jewelry that will express your personality no matter where you intend to go. Why all the talk about jewelry? Well, for one thing, we think that it delivers good self-esteem.

Body Absorption of Negative and Positive Ions

Did you know that our body absorbs both negative and positive ions? Ironically, we need negative ions to help us with our well-being, but because we are heavily exposed to positive ions, we tend to feel lethargic. Have you ever noticed that when you’re staring at the computer screen for too long, you tend to feel drained? That’s the compelling works of positive ions. On the other hand, negative ions are naturally occurring, and you’ll find them around nature! Ocean waves, trees, waterfalls, and many other places produce them.

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Tourmaline is a Powerful Agent

About 5,000 years ago, the Chinese called these gemstones as “chi energy.” It was capable of emitting negative ions that were helpful for the body. The best part about them is that they were naturally occurring. You’ll find many of them all around countries like Pakistan, Madagascar, Brazil and Afghanistan. Additionally, tourmaline is an “electric stone” that generates small currents to the body that has healthful benefits.

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The Deal About Negative Ion Bracelets

With every Purlife bracelet is an incorporation of tourmaline and other innovative technologies that work together to creative, positive influences. They simply produce negative ions to send you on your way to a healthier, YOU!