List of Food to Always Have in the Kitchen

List of Food to Always Have in the Kitchen

We believe in a healthy diet that consists of whole foods and home cooking! With a stocked pantry, it makes cooking a lot easier to do after a long day. Moreover, these food that we have compiled are perfect for a grab-and-go meal or even a healthy snack option. Which of power foods has made it on our list?

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Must-Have Food to Have in Your Kitchen

Eggs- Did you know that an egg only has 70 calories? It’s amazing how satiated you become with just one! It fills you up, and it’s great for weight-loss.

Honey- This delicious treat will not only sweeten your day, but it is healthy for the overall well-being. It’s perfect as a cough soother and a hangover helper! Sweeten up your meals with this treat by incorporating it as a peanut butter and honey sandwich or use them with your tea.

Quinoa- Quinoa is the new rice! With just one cup of cooked quinoa, you’ll receive 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. They’re hearty in B vitamins and iron. Eat this with chopped vegetables and shredded chicken!

Bananas- What could go wrong with a banana? They’re available all year-round, and they’re super cheap! Grab them for a quick bite as a snack or use them for smoothies!

Nonfat Yogurt- If you need protein in your diet, yogurt is the answer. In a 6-ounce serving, you’re already getting about 18 grams of protein. That’s impressive, right? Not only are they delicious, but they’re also low in calories.

Beans- Need more protein in your life? Beans will suffice you! Who says that you need meat to get a well-balanced protein diet? These are inexpensive, and they are delicious with soup and salad!

Olive Oil- It’s a no surprise that olive oil should make it on any list! Stock up on these healthy essential oils for your cooking! Use them to dip your favorite bread or drizzle your salad with them!

We suggest in stocking up your pantry with whole foods. While our list is a little guide, we think that your favorite fruits and vegetables should always be available at home! Top that with exercise and negative ion bracelets, so you get the ultimate version of yourself!