What You Should Know About Negative Ion Technology

Negative Ion Technology—What You Should Know

We developed Purlife with the purpose of encouraging a healthier, active, and fulfilling lifestyle. Our innovative negative ion bracelets are recognized for their unique challenges and strengths as it empowers individuals to enrich their life, and enhance their performance in everyday routine.

Our bracelets will help your body halt the harmful effects of positive ions that are entailed in our modern day technology. As a result, these powerful magnetic ions will assist you in concertation, improve sleep, and recover from physical activities.

What are positive ions?

Excessive exposure to positive ions is related to joint aches, muscle aches, excess fatigue, and other harmful symptoms. Nature offers us both negative and positive ions. You’ll see positive ions in humidity, dust, and high winds. Chronic exposure to computers, air-conditioners, and fluorescent lights also give you a huge dose of positive ions. Don’t let the word “positive” fool you as positive ions can become a drawback to your overall health.

Instead, immerse yourself in negative ions. They are molecules that are abundantly found in rich forests, waterfalls, and mountains. Once delivered into the bloodstream, they can promote general well-being and relieve stress.

Have you ever noticed that you feel at your best after going to the beach? That’s no coincidence. The natural outdoor is filled with negative ions that help us feel good. This is why spas with natural springs or sources of water help us feel in tune with ourselves.

The Purlife Difference

No matter where you are in the world– city or country — Purlife’s bracelets contain compounds of negative ions from rich minerals. They’re infused with every silicone brands to give you positive effects your body needs.

Take control of your life today with our negative ion bracelets!