Negative Ions and The Human Brain


Many people feel a sense of renewed vigor or well-being when visiting the seashore or a forest, two environment with high amounts of negative ions present.

Since our brain waves are related to different states of consciousness, when we experience an overload of stress and tension we have low levels of brain wave activity. Alpha brain waves, which are around 8 to 13 hertz, usually occur when we are feeling happy, relaxed, and in a positive mood. They promote feelings of contemplation, peace, relaxation and stillness.

The activity of alpha brain wave is directly linked to what we are doing, thinking and feeling and brain wave stimulation is an important tool to understanding pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, memory improvement, and achieving ideal meditative states.

The Alpha state is a highly pleasurable and relaxed state of consciousness and is essential to stress reduction and high levels of creativity. Musicians, artists, and athletes are known to be prolific alpha producers, in addition to intuitive persons like Albert Einstein.

The reduction in Cortisol levels that Alpha waves cause will strengthen your immune system and counteract everyday negative effect of stress. Increased exposure to negative ions will help you explore the mysteries of your mind, and over time, you’ll notice the ease with which you can let go of stress, unlock your imagination, and bring out creative inspiration from the deep currents of your mind. When awareness expands, fresh creative energy begins to flow.