Ionized Water Brings Positive Vibes

Ionized Water Brings Positive Vibes

It would be a shame if negative ions didn’t exist while you’re hiking in the great outdoors. It’s even more pitiful that there’s hardly any of them circulating in the city. With so much technology causing fatigue, the showdown between positive vs. negative ions is a consistent clash. The good news is, negative ions may be closer to us than we have imagined. How? Ionized water.

Benefits of Ionized Water

Many companies are selling a new groundbreaking machine that puts water in a vigorous ionization process. With the incorporation of positively and negatively charged electrodes, the process of electrolysis changes the pH balance of water. This piece of technology is ideal for a variety of usage such as drinking, cleaning, and sanitizing.

In normal conditions, tap water has a pH balance of around seven which is considered neutral. Acidic water is less than seven whereas alkaline water has a pH level greater than neutral. When alkaline water is consumed, it cancels out acidic food and generates more energy into the body.

Companies that sell these products claim that alkaline water tastes better than tap water. In fact, some people who have tasted them describe a soft mineral flavor. This sets it apart from conventional tap water.

Typically, machines used to ionized water are attached to a faucet to work on its filtration system. There are different types of designs to choose from. Some are incorporated in the sink for an obscure style.

One of the most notable benefits of ionized water is how swift it can hydrate the body in a safe manner. Companies claim that “it can provide hydration that is in the range of three to six times the hydration capacity of other types of water.” I