Staying Healthy This Season

Staying Healthy This Season

Being exposed to negative ions is beneficial to the body, but this is just one building block to a healthy lifestyle. Here at Purlife, we are concerned about the overall well-being of the body, and this means, consuming the right food with the incorporation of daily exercises. When your body is in it’s best shape, free radicals, bacteria, and viruses will have a hard time invading your immune system. This brings us to the subject of the flu season. We think that taking the following precautions will help you stay healthy all throughout the winter time!

Four Ways to Staying Healthy This Season

Wash Your Hands!

We mentioned that a constant flow of water was an excellent source of negative ions. But did you know that water is good for the overall health? It keeps the body hydrated, clean, and refreshed. In this case, we’re putting an emphasis on cleansing. You might not notice it, but your hands touch a lot of things that are dirty. While many of these items appear clean, everyday items like keyboards, door knobs, cell phones, keys, and remote controls accumulate germs. So don’t forget to wash your hand as often as possible!

Clean Everything You Generally Touch

As mentioned above, many items collect bacteria that can be harmful to us. Therefore, cleaning those devices will reduce the number of risks to getting ill.

Do Not Touch Your Face

This is the number one rule in skin care, but did you know that it is also a good precaution to our health? One of the best ways to transmit any harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria is solely touching the facial area. If you must, wash your hands first before proceeding.


We can hear some of you complaining already, but vaccines are very crucial this season as the flu is lurking around the corner. You can only do so much by regularly washing your hands and keeping everything clean. This means that even though you’re practicing all these precautions, you’re still vulnerable to viruses. So, don’t luck out on getting yourself protected this season!