Negative Ions: Walking Through the Woods

Negative Ions: Walking Through the Woods

After a walk through the woods, have you ever wondered why you feel enlightened? Well, you can thank negative ions for this!

For years, scientists have been trying to understand the mechanisms behind biodiversity and how it improves the health. This all started after Japanese scientists traveled to Yakushima which was popular for its ecosystem. There is a beneficial substance found in the air of the forest. The three factors are negative ions, essential oils from plants, and bacteria. How do they all come together?

The Air of the Forest


Bacteria surrounds us from birth to death; there is no way to avoid them. In fact, they’re in the air that we breathe, and we share our body with them. The more of them we have in our system, the healthier we are.

Essential Oil

There is also research on essential oil that improves the body the more we’re exposed to them. One particular study focused on phytocide which is found in Korean pine trees that happened to have improved the healthy of pigs.

Negative Ions

In addition to all this, negative ions present in the air are evidenced to have improved the mental outlook of people. In the forest, there is a high amount of negative ions found in the air and along bodies of water.

Relating oneself to nature has been connected to wellbeing which can be good for the health. Still, there is a long way to go! There are so many things we haven’t learned about nature that we’re eager to explore! For the meantime, take your energy to the outdoors and get more negative ions into your system.