The Positives of Negative Ions

The Positives of Negative Ions

Do you know about the wonderful benefits that can be gained from negative ions? If you’re familiar with Purlife, then you know that negative ions are an incredible phenomenon that occurs in nature when oxygen molecules become negatively charged and when you are surrounded by these negative ions you can benefit greatly. In fact, you’ll find that there are countless positives of negative ions that can help improve everything from your mood and energy levels to even helping you find more peace at night when you need to sleep.

Boost Your Mood

Have you ever gone hiking deep into nature where you are far away from the busy sounds of the city and just sat there? Can smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of waterfalls breaking on the ground below? This is when you feel most at peace and the most relaxed. This is partly because of the kind of oxygen molecules you are surrounded by. There is no pollution, just fresh air, and negative ions. In fact, this influx of negative ions has been found to boost your mood.

Get Better Sleep

When you have an abundance of negative ions in the place where you sleep— whether that is while you are in the great outdoors camping or even just in your bedroom it has been shown to improve your sleep. While camping is great, you spend most of your nights in bed so how can you bring negative ions into your room to help you get better sleep? A great way to produce negative ions next to your bed is to place your Himalayan salt lamp, tourmaline gemstones, or desk-top waterfall on your nightstand and let it run while you sleep.

Help Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is an increasingly common occurrence around this time of year. The shorter days and colder weather have a way of bringing down your mood, energy levels, and leave you feeling stuck in a rut. When this happens it can be hard to get through your day but that’s where surrounding yourself with negatively charged ions can help get you out of this slump. Negative ions can help boost your mood and help you get better sleep at night. Together this is a winning and positive combination that can help break your seasonal slump.

Where To Find Negative Ions

As we mentioned above there are multiple different places to find an abundance of negative ions indoors and outdoors. Now while negative ions do occur everywhere, it is difficult to naturally find negative ions indoors. Walls, cubicles, small windows, and buildings aren’t conducive to negative ionization so it is best to find them outdoors or to create enough of them “artificially” in your own home. By artificially we mean by bringing in negative ion generating materials (negative ion bracelets, tourmaline, salt lamps, and so on) and decorating your home or office.