The Truth About Negative Ions

The Truth About Negative Ions

If you’re familiar with Purlife, then you are probably familiar with negative ions and the many benefits that they can bring to your life. At Purlife, we bring these wellness benefits into your life by using naturally occurring gemstones and crystals that generate negative ions in everyday-wear bracelets. But with anything holistic, there is always a sense of skepticism about if it really works. That is to say, do negative ion bracelets work to generate negative ions? You’d be surprised to know the truth about negative ions and how they are used to improve the quality of your life.

What Are Negative Ions?

First of all, before we can determine if negative ion bracelets are real (or if negative ion bracelets work), we should understand what negative ions are. Negative ions are simply molecules in the air and atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. There’s nothing phony about that. In fact, negative ions are created and found in a wide array of places like in UV rays from the sun, when electricity from thunder and lightning discharges, and even when water breaks.

Could these electrically charged molecules in the air be why we can feel different energy when we are in nature as opposed to when we are stuck inside all day?

What Are Ionic Bracelets Made Of?

Popular negative ion bracelets are commonly made with negative ion-conducting materials like black tourmaline, germanium, and titanium. The material of a negative ion bracelet will vary though, depending on whether the bracelet is meant for physical activity or for daily wear. Some bracelets are made with a silicone band while others may use gold, silver, or another precious metal.

Do Ion Bracelets Actually Generate Negative Ions?

Because negative ions bracelets are made from materials that are proven to naturally create negative ions, it is safe to say that negative ion bracelets also generate negative ions. In studies conducted on negative ion bracelets pressed against a negative ion meter, bracelets have been shown to create ionic activity. On the high end, negative ion bracelets have been found to generate between 2100 and 4421 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Scientific Studies of Negative Ions

Columbia University has conducted independent research on negative ions and concluded that negative ions have incredible benefits for cognitive function on the human body. Negative ions are also shown to increase alertness and improve concentration.

Verdict: Do Negative Ion Bracelets Improve Your Life?

Ultimately negative ion bracelets to improve your life by improving cognitive functions when inhaled. Negative ions aren’t some mystical force, but rather they are found everywhere around us in nature from soil to crashing water and around conducive materials like tourmaline and titanium. When worn as a bracelet, negative ions can help improve the way that your body works by exposing it to thousands of negative ions throughout the day when you are at work and away from nature.