The Use of Tourmaline in the Name of Science


When negative ions and the power of tourmaline work together, substantial health benefits occur. The following are just some of the benefits of tourmaline:

Water mineralization – This element changes bad smelling water by adjusting the components of chlorine.

Counteracts electromagnetic fields- because tourmaline has weak electrical currents, it suppresses the electromagnetic fields.

Deodorizer- this maintains the freshness of refrigerators and cars as it helps with suppress the distribution of foul smelling components and fights bacteria.

Toxins be gone-  Neutralizing the refrigerator, water, and cars are not the only thing that it’s good for as it helps with the body by the process of detoxification.

Effects on health- when worn directly, it has the ability to turn water slightly alkaline which is beneficial. It also prevents cholesterol coagulations, and enhances immune functions.
Stimuli- Because of its ability to hold electric current, it helps with the nervous system to the point that it treats stiff neck due to improving circulation. Not only that, it helps calm the nerves which promote sleep.

It was once said that the famous Benjamin Franklin used to incorporate tourmaline gemstones in some of his experiments due for the purposes of its electrical capabilities. A popular man by the name of Pierre Curis (one of the recipients for the Nobel Prize in Physics), confirmed that tourmaline possessed weak electrical emission in the process of pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity.

Additionally, in recent studies, Japanese researchers concluded that it carries a stable charge of .06mA. Tourmaline also holds it current in any form whether it is crushed, broken or small in size. This is why it dubbed its name of “the electric stone” in parts of Asia.

Magical Assumptions

Depending on their exposure of light, tourmaline stones are said to change in color. It’s believed that each tourmaline gemstones are never the same color which makes them a magical property. To many of its users, this particular stone is capable of warding off evil spirits, and exclusively protect whoever uses it as a talisman.