Tourmaline is a Powerful Agent

Tourmaline is a Powerful Agent

What is Tourmaline?

For over 5,000 years, the Chinese Traditional Medicine has based this gemstone as a source of “chi energy”. It has various benefits on the body with the capabilities of emitting negative ions.

This naturally occurring gemstone is known to be semi-precious and is found all over the world. It was discovered in 1703 in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. After its discovery, many countries has found large deposits of them mainly in countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and Pakistan. Unlike many gemstones, tourmaline is found in shades of different colors from purple, yellow, black, blue, green, pink, red, and brown.

The tourmaline gem is known to produce alpha waves, and negative ions.

With the production of negative ions, and alpha waves, the tourmaline gemstone bears benefits like:

  • Provides a calming feeling to promote better sleep
  • Strengthen and improve spirit and focus
  • Helps keep healthy immune systems healthy

Negative Ions– Why They Are Critical to the Tourmaline Gemstone

The body absorbs negative and positive ions. When exposed to high concentrations of positive ions, the body seems to be groggy, and in a bad mood. Positive ions are associated with the bustling life of the city such as cell phones, electrical appliances, power lines, smoke and fumes. They are free radicals that can cause as stressors that are just plain atrocious to the human body.

In contrast to positive ions, negative ions are found in brooks, waterfalls, and any body of water where there is a great current of them. In fact, being in the great outdoor is already packed with negative ions. When exposed to them, negative ions neutralize the free radicals around the body which leave the body feeling refreshed.
Because tourmaline gemstones emit such natural elements, the body benefits from many of negative ions’ assets.