What is Tourmaline?


Tourmaline gemstones are dubbed on the account of the Singalese phrase “tura mali” meaning mixed stones with vibrant colors. This is true as it comes in different shades of hues such as yellow, green, blue, brown, black, amber, red and pink. Although, the most notable colors for its essential properties are the colors black and green. These semi-precious stones are naturally occurring, and they generate weak electrical currents that is commonly used for holistic health purposes.

Being exposed to tourmaline stones can cause great benefits to the body because it serves as a catalyst in the production of negative ions (which is beneficial to the body). The process is by  naturally converting moisture found in air to negative ions. Many people who knows the benefits of negative ions use mechanically-producing machines or jewelry to expose themselves to such ions. Little do they know that tourmaline delivers the the same effects.

Why Negative Ions?

Negative ions heals, soothes, detoxes, and stimulates the body. When one is found in a bad mood, simply being exposed to negative ions can alleviate such agitations. It has the power to suppress depression without generating side effects that conventional medicine does to its patients. This is because negative ions increases the amount of oxygen flown towards the brain which helps with mental energy as well as awareness.