Pürlife is dedicated to providing our clients with the best products available! We believe that the right balance of a healthy lifestyle starts with continuous exposure to negative ions.

Our team of executives works hand in hand with the manufacturers to test and analyze our products that are both beneficial to your health, and perfect for everyday fashion.  We are constantly working to improve the design, look, and feel of every negative ion bracelet we manufacture and sell.  This keeps us at the lead of the competition.  How? By consistently listening to our client’s suggestions and feedback and incorporating that into our designs and products.

A simple pay-and-go transaction is not what we at Purlife are striving for in our business.  We are all about 110% customer satisfaction which is why we offer our exclusive “limited lifetime warranty” for all the products we sell.

At Pürlife we are dedicated to providing quality products that deliver the necessary amount of negative ions to balance the body to function effectively and to stay healthy.

Our values

From the manufacturing process to marketing and from the dedicated support we provide, we strive to serve our customers with the highest of values, honesty and integrity. We constantly improve and bring out new exciting designs which keep us ahead of the competition.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!