Pürlife Reviews and Testimonials

Heidi L. Shenkle

We purchased our bracelets about two weeks ago and we absolutely love them!!! Both notice a difference in the way we feel daily as well as other aspects of our life. Thank you Purllife!!!

Heidi L. Shenkle / Facebook
James McGivern

I have had a good result in helping with my balance and pain
I am a retired disabled man and had real benefits from the bracelet

James McGivern / United Kingdom
Alberto Zapata

I purchased 2 ion bracelets on different occasions from an outlet in las vegas. I am really happy with the product. It really helped my son a lot.

Alberto Zapata / Facebook
Graham Stubbs

We recently purchased two purlife bracelets on the 9th July 2014 while on holiday in Las Vegas from an agent of yours from New York New York.. We have been so pleased and amazed with them both.

Graham Stubbs / Mall Shopper
Mandy Hsiao

I purchased 2 bracelets during Interbike show at Vegas. It is great product and I love it so much. I was wearing the bracelets because it helps my back pain.

Mandy Hsiao / Long Beach, California
Carol Soltis

My husband and I love our Purlife bracelets! I couldn't imagine losing it because it would cause so much anxiety. I have two of them and swear by them. We love, love, love them.

Carol Soltis / Email
Jacob Banks

I Recently purchased Purlife's Sport Band and I must say that it has changed the way I feel. I sleep better, I feel like the energy came back to me, after multiple reflexology sessions that didn't help, Purlife did it for me!

Jacob Banks / Australia
Leslie Summers

My husband got me the Swarovski negative ion bracelet from Purlife, I received so many compliment from friends and family and it actually helped my wrist issues, I had some pain recently from working around computers all day, pain is gone, crystals even made it beautiful.

Leslie Summers / New York City
Jake Strommer

Got my Purlife wristband last week while traveling to Vegas. 4 days later i woke up feeling 10 years younger and I can't remember the last time I had so much energy, running just got a whole lot better!

Jake Strommer / Pasadena, California
David Volp

I purchased it about two years ago. I had a real problem with my left arm. I think I had tennis elbow. I put it on and wore it all the time and it healed my arm.

David Volp / Montreal, Canada
Steve Neeley

I have been wearing your bracelets for the last 5 years. I never take them off. They generally work great.

Steve Neeley / Austin, Texas
Mr. Eric & Tammy Kraus

I was at Las Vegas last week on my honeymoon with my wife. We are both handicapped. My wife has fibromyalgia and bursitis, I was injured at work. I am missing bones in my arms from all the surgeries I went through. We both are in constant pain every day, we'll that was until my wife and I bought some bracelets. Since we put on the bracelets my wife and I have less pain and better sleep and mobility it has been an amazing experience to not be in pain. Thank you again.

Mr. Eric & Tammy Kraus
George N. Moran Jr
First of i wanted to say that I am a medically retired veteran with nerve damage in my right arm and early injury induced Parkinson's. This is as a result of some injuries I sustained during my time in the Army. My wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas last week. We were walking which is not easy for me. Looking through shops when we came across your booth at the Caesars Palace Hotel. At first it seemed like a gimmick but we stopped. The lady was nice and did her sales pitch to my wife as I watched. She went through the demonstration and we were about to walk away. My wife then said lets try it on you for the fun of it. As a result of my Parkinson's and combined nerve damage I shake my right arm and foot with a small amount of shaking in my left hand. We are limiting my exposure to medication. So the lady with my wife put the bracelet on me. Within moments my shaking was reduced to a barly noticeable amount. We tried different bracelets with different levels of success depending on the power of the bracelet. My wife was so impressed that she immediately pulled out the card and bought me the mid range bracelet. I was able to eat soup for the first time in close to 2 years without shaking and making a mess. I was able to walk without pain in my back. I was also able to hold my wifes hand without shaking as much and much much more. Now no bracelet stopped my shaking completely but made a noticeable difference. I was so happy that my wife and I almost started crying. I just wanted to express my happiness with your product. It may have been expensive. But I can not complain as I have lived with this for close to two years with little to no help. When we found this it was a very happy surprise. I am so happy that I am willing to put my own name and face behind it.I may not be much but i am willing to advertise for your product should you need a new person to show.
George N. Moran Jr
Bill Stephenson

My wife and I purchased the bracelets back in 2017 and ever sense is been nothing but a godsend. I travel with a lot of stress and I find myself a lot calmer when traveling and business meetings. After putting the bracelet on I have found I am able to build displays, and have more energy to keep up with my young boys and all other activities. I can say nothing negative of the tourmaline gemstone. My wife has a form of fibromyalgia, and this has opened up new avenues for her. We believe in this product because it ability to make things better.

Bill Stephenson
Michelle Beu

I love the bracelet and how much it’s helped me! I’m a hairdresser for 25 years and have had problems with my wrist and fingers sticking! Since I’ve worn the bracelet, I feel so much better! Pain is nearly gone! So, I’m very happy with the results from wearing the bracelet.

Michelle Beu