6 Benefits of Getting Massages

6 Benefits of Getting Massages

Just like taking care of our bodies with exercise and diet, it’s important that we pay attention to our mental and spiritual health as well. A method like massage can easily make a difference to our health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Getting regular massages has many advantages to our mind and body, so check out these six benefits that will have you getting massages every month!

Why You Should Get Regular Massages

1. Relieve body tension

Overall, massages provides relaxation to the body. The process eliminates muscle tenseness, swelling in joints and muscles, and stress the body carries in frequent parts of the body.

2. Reduce stress/anxiety

Another great benefit to massages is its ability to improve moods and our mental health. This includes stress, anxiety, depression, and other intense moods that can take a toll on our bodies. Massage therapy is known to put our bodies in recovery and relaxation to help alleviate physical or mental stress.

3. Improves sleep

Along with providing effective sleep patterns, massages also create healthier digestive systems and aid with weight loss. Notice the next time you get a massage, you’ll feel yourself falling asleep. This is when the therapy affects our hormone levels in a healthy way. Especially if you have insomnia, try monthly massages.

4. Lower headaches/migraines

Also known for strengthening the body’s immune system, massages are great for headaches and migraines. Massages reduce cortisol levels in our body which allows the body to recover and repair itself (wherever and however needed). Studies also show that people who undergo regular massages have fewer occurrences with headaches and migraines than those who don’t.

5. Increase circulation

Did you know that the effects of a full body massage can last up to three weeks? This includes increased circulation and a reduction in blood pressure.

6. Boost body flexibility

If you’re an athlete or one who exercises more than the average individuals, massages can also boost your body’s flexibility and can enhances posture. Notice the next time you train, your range in motion is better and efficient. This includes your muscles, joints, and connective tissue.