7 Ways to Detox Your Home

7 Ways to Detox Your Home

Just how we detox our bodies of internal toxins, it’s always a healthy routine to detox our living space as well. Common household products contain harmful chemicals that can be very harmful to our health and it’s important to care for our home like we care for our health and wellness. With these seven helpful tips and a bit of determination to get into these healthy habits, you can definitely feel the difference in the way you feel and live in your home.

7 Tips to Detoxify Your Living Space

1. Use natural, green products

Investing in natural, green products for your home is worth every penny. Products like bleach and multi-purpose products contain harsh chemicals that can be very harmful when inhaled or when in contact with the skin. It’s also very affordable to make your own household cleaners with baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice.

2. Open your windows often

Did you know that indoor air is more polluted than outside air? Detox your home by opening your windows for clean air flow throughout your house. Especially if you have family members prone to allergies or living with pets, you’ll definitely feel a difference in the way you breathe.

3. No shoes in the house

Make it a rule for having no shoes in the house. Dirt, grime, and other unwanted bacteria come from our shoes and when bringing that into our home, it can definitely be a problem (especially if you have carpet). Consider going barefoot or using house slippers. When in doubt, use doormats at entrances to wipe off your houses before entering.

4. Away with artificial fragrances

Make the switch to natural fragrances instead of artificial. Natural fragrances like essential oils or even natural flowers are amazing at keeping your home smelling and feeling fresh.

5. Himalayan saltlamps

Himalayan salt lamps not only look great for home decor, but they work wonders for neutralizing the air in which in sits in. From lamps to wall plug-ins, they also promote quality sleep and energizes moods.

6. Change out filters

Make it a habit to change out your air filter. You want clean air to flow freely throughout your home and doing this will definitely detox your home. If you’re living with no pets, change them every 90 days. If pets reside with you, change them every 45-60 days.

7. Stick to a regular cleaning routine

Take the time to commit to a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule. Just how we care for our bodies, it’s important to respect our living spaces as well. Detoxing is all about cleansing and do so as much as possible will definitely make a difference in how we feel in our home.