Choosing a Negative Ion Bracelet That Fits Your Style

Choosing a Negative Ion Bracelet That Fits Your Style

Are you looking for the best way to incorporate negative ions into your life in ways that fit your style? Some of us live a very active style where a negative ion bracelet with a rubber wristband makes a lot of sense, but those sporty negative ion bracelets don’t always match our business attire. We get it! At Purlife, we wear a lot of hats, whether it’s dressing up in suits for formal events to wearing nothing but comfortable and sporty outfits just about every other time!

That’s when choosing a negative ion bracelet that fits your style is important! Here’s how you can choose the best negative ion bracelets to match your style.

Negative Ion Bracelets for Him and Her

While there may be no such thing as a bracelet for guys and one for girls, typically, bracelets that are made and marketed to women tend to be thinner and more lightweight. This look can help accent wrists that are smaller and look more elegant than male jewelry. At Purlife, we sell a wide assortment of negative ion bracelets for her that comes in both casual styles as well as more formal looks, such as diamond and titanium bracelets. On the other hand, Most men like to wear bracelets and jewelry that look, thinker, bulkier, and overall heavier than women’s jewelry. It’s all about preference if you want to wear a thin wristband or a thicker one.

Titanium and Diamond Negative Ion Bracelets for Dressing Up

If you’re dressing up and going for a more dressed-up look. Like wearing a button-up shirt to work or to a social gathering, you want to step up your negative ion bracelet game and wear a metal bracelet. Typically, these bracelets, such as the Negative Ion Copper bracelet, will have more Negative Ions than the standard bracelets, which makes these a functional and stylish choice for matching negative ion bracelets to your style.

Sporty and Casual Negative Ion Bracelets

If you’re more into wearing active and casual clothing, you might lean more towards the EXCEL SPORT negative ion bracelets. Which come in comfortable, flexible materials and in a wide range of colors. These are more affordable than other negative ion bracelets because they are made with less precious metals. But they produce a generous number of negative ions that will keep you feeling great all day long.

Purlife Negative Ion Bracelets

Purlife is dedicated to providing our clients with the best negative ion bracelets and products available! We believe that the right balance of a healthy lifestyle starts with continuous exposure to negative ions. We have the best negative ion bracelets available to help you match your fashion style. From high-end negative ion bracelets for dressing up to casual and sporty wristbands that are ideal for the athlete in you. Browse the best selection of negative ion bracelets from Pürlife today.