Elevate Your Workspace With Negative Ions

Elevate Your Workspace With Negative Ions

Surrounding yourself with negative ions can help improve your focus, your mood, and your overall productivity at work. Among the many benefits of negative ions, working in an environment that has an abundance of negative ions can take you away from a stuffy cubicle and give you the clarity that you often experience in the great outdoors. While negative ions occur largely outdoors, Purlife is here to help you find ways to elevate your workspace with Negative Ions for a more productive workday.

Open a Window or a Door To Improve Air Circulation

If you have the option between working near a window or being tucked away in a corner office, you may want to consider working near the window. This is especially the case if you can open the window up. An open window will allow fresh air to circulate around your workspace and bring with it negatively charged ion particles found in the fresh outdoor air. In the absence of a window, propping a door open and letting the airflow will help prevent the air from becoming stale.

Take Breaks or Lunches Outdoors

As we mentioned, negative ions can be found in greater density outdoors. Because of this, you may want to take your breaks and lunches outdoors if the weather permits. Not only will you surround yourself with more negative ions than you would indoors in the break room, but you will also give your eyes and mind a much-needed break away from your computer monitor.

Generate Negative Ions at Your Desk

Negative ions don’t just occur outdoors! With negative ion-generating gemstones and lamps, you can create negative ions wherever you are. If your workplace allows you to keep personal effects at your desk, you may want to consider bringing in your very own Himalayan salt lamp or Tourmaline gemstones. These serve a double function of being tasteful decorations while generating negative ions! Keeping a salt lamp by your desk will help break up the stale oxygen molecules and keep you feeling elevated.

Sport Negative Ion Bracelets

If you can’t get enough negative ions around you in your environment, you can always wear them on your body! Negative ion bracelets are stylish and effective when it comes to generating negative ions near your body. Negative ion bracelets can be worn for just about any occasion, especially work. If you can’t convince your boss to let you keep some tourmaline at your desk. This may be your best bet for elevating your workspace with negatively charged ions.

Elevate Your Workspace With Negative Ions from Purlife

Elevating your environment with the many incredible benefits of negative ions is easier than ever with Purlife. With the widest selection of negative ion bracelets, gemstones, and accessories. It’s the best place to find everything that you need to enhance your life.