Expose Yourself To Negative Ions This Winter

Expose Yourself To Negative Ions This Winter

During the warm summer months, it is far easier to expose yourself to negative ions than it is in the winter. That’s because it is much easier to visit places where negative ions are naturally abundant— near beaches, waterfalls, and deep in nature.

Negative ions have incredible benefits on our well-being, and it’s important to expose yourself to negative ions this winter. In order to help boost your mood and keep you feeling grounded. While you may spend less time outdoors during the winter months, there are still ways that you can expose yourself to much-needed negative ions. Try these tips from Purlife to help!

Immerse Yourself With Negative Ions Outdoors

When you want to surround yourself with negative ions, there’s no better way than to go deep into the outdoors and fully immerse yourself in negative ions. You can find an abundance of negative ions in places where there is breaking water, such as near waterfalls or near the beach where waves break on the shore. These places have been found to contain negative ions in greater densities than anywhere else because of the Lenard effect. The Lenard effect is a phenomenon. Where negatively charged ions are generated when water molecules collide with each other.

Bring the Negative Ions Indoors With You

When you can’t go outdoors as much as you’d like. Either because of the low winter temperature or even because of social distancing. You can always bring the negative ions indoors with you. While negative ions occur naturally, there are ways of creating negative ions indoors. You can create negative ions indoors with a variety of items, but traditionally certain fountains, gemstones, and lamps are used to generate the negative ions yourself.

We recommend setting up a Himalayan salt lamp near your desk or bed and leaving it on while you work. Himalayan salt lamps have been shown to generate negative ions when tested with a voltage multimeter.

Wear Negative Ion Jewelry Throughout the Day

If you’re always on the go and you don’t spend very much time in nature or next to your Himalayan salt lamp. Then your next best bet is to wear negative ion generation jewelry every day. Negative ion bracelets and necklaces are made with materials that have been shown to generate negative ions, such as gemstones like tourmaline. These bracelets come in a range of colors, materials, and styles that work for function and style.

Surround Yourself With Tourmaline

As mentioned, tourmaline is a material that is known to generate negative ions. In fact, tourmaline is one of the most conductive materials when it comes to generating negatively charged electricity naturally. When activated by either heat or pressure. Tourmaline stones can generate enough negative ions to uplift you and make you feel incredible this winter. Try to expose yourself to negative ions with tourmaline this winter and experience the incredible benefits.