The 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Water

The 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Water

It’s no secret; drinking water has a lot of benefits for the body. Its popularity continues to be heavily discussed in the media as many celebrities spill their skincare secrets. Still, it’s not a surprise to know that water is good for the body. Water keeps us hydrated, which is an important factor when you take your body into consideration. Without water, our bodies will have a hard time expelling waste and absorbing essential nutrients. Leaving that aside, did you know that there are fewer known facts about water? It’s true!

Water Facts

Easily Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered why many fitness trainers urge you to drink plenty of water? For one thing, it helps you lose extra weight.

Water acts as a suppressant which makes you feel satiated throughout the day. This will also prevent retention because your body will not reserve it when it’s receiving an abundant amount.

Additionally, it helps burn your stored fat. Not drinking enough water means that your liver will be forced to help your kidneys in the detoxification process. But when you drink enough, your kidneys do not need the assistance of your liver. This way, your liver can focus on its job, which is metabolizing your stored fat.

Defy Aging With Water

When you drink water, you’re rewarding your skin. Not drinking enough means that you’ll find yourself stuck with dry skin, which calls for more lotions and moisturizers. But that doesn’t take care of the problem as your body continues to experience dryness when the cream wears out. When you want to slow down aging, water can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Not drinking enough water means that your body will conserve its resources. Because of this, the retention will cause bloating and make your skin puffy.

Better For Your Joints

Those who are having joint pains can blame dehydration. Drinking water keeps your body healthy, strong and lubricated. Having enough moisture in the body can increase your movement in a pain-free manner.

It’ll Make You Smarter

Drink water when you want to improve your cognitive functions. When your brain needs to work at optimum levels, it needs an effective circulation of oxygen. Drinking water ensures that the brain gets what it needs. In fact, drinking about 8-10 cups per day improves your cognitive performance by 30%.

In addition to that, it aids in nerve functions. It does this by ensuring that your body’s electrolyte levels are high, which allows your nerves to relay messages to the brain.

Building Muscles

It’s a little-known fact, and often ignored, but water helps build muscles. How? Water transport oxygen to the body, including the muscles. Because of this, drinking water helps your muscles work harder. You’ll feel less lethargic as it helps build your muscles.