Five Hacks to Happiness

Five Hacks to Happiness

When you’re wrapped up in many things like work, school, and home, finding happiness can be a bit difficult to attain. With deadlines ahead, meals to cook, and other routinely things during the week, it’s hard to squeeze a little time to find happiness. So what are some hacks we came up with to find your key to happiness? Read on!

Start a Habit

The best way to be happy is to form a habit. For example, if you’re interested in reading more books this year, begin with one chapter per day. You can pick up a book in the morning or at night, but starting a small habit will go a long way! Pretty soon, you’ll see that you’re a lot more satisfied than not starting at all.

Detach Yourself

Say goodbye to those that you cling on to. No more negativity or bad habits! Try being in the moment as much as possible and learn that clingy behaviors will not get you anywhere you want to be. The more you detach yourself from those that hold you back, the happier you’ll be.

Your Definition of Happiness

Ask yourself what happiness truly means to you. Everyone has their own version of happiness, and this can change over time. If you think that happiness is to conform to what everyone else wants, think again. This is about your life so define it according to your preference.

Do it Yourself

Looking for happiness is a natural human tendency. Still, it’s best to realize that you probably can’t expect others to fill in the void for you. Chances are, they’re probably struggling just as hard as you are! So, if you’re looking for ways to find happiness, find it within yourself first.

Do Not Chase

Instead, be in the present. There’s no such thing as chasing happiness especially when it keeps running away from you. Stop and look at your surroundings. After that, appreciate what you have.