Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts 

Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Most of the thoughts we receive throughout the day are reflections of thoughts and feelings that ultimately drive emotions. Those emotions we experience come into play to help us avoid harm. Sounds a little backward, but it is actually our body’s natural response to protect us.

Before we dive into the best ways to get rid of negative thoughts, it is important to remember that words cannot hurt us. It is our response to those words that can deeply affect us.

Feeling negative from time to time can be normal, but the minute those negative thoughts consume our day-to-day lives it becomes a problem. How do you get those thoughts under control to live an anxious-free and joyful life?

Receive the tools you need now and learn how to shut down those negative thoughts. Your confidence, energy, and self-esteem will greatly improve by getting rid of those negative thoughts that consume your day.

Clear It Out

Removing those negative thoughts can be easier said than done. Sometimes, we obsess over more of the things that go wrong than the things that go right. Allow yourself to process the emotions you have experienced first and then try not to obsess over them.

The reaction to negative emotions is what really matters. Learn how to move away from the negative energy and shake off those negative feelings.

Acknowledge the Feelings

Taking a moment to acknowledge the way you feel is extremely important. Allow yourself to recognize that you are receiving negative thoughts, but then quickly move on and keep your mind busy. Remember, negative thoughts are natural but when we allow them to consume our day it becomes a problem.

Keep Yourself Busy

A great way to get rid of negative thoughts is to keep yourself busy throughout the day. Some great examples of this are exercise, meditation, cooking or baking, spending time with people you love, journaling, creating art, or finding a new hobby.

It is easy to sit in bed and wallow, but motivate yourself to experience something new. Find ways to generate more joy and fun in your life and your mind will thank you.

Get Outside

Spending time outdoors is a great way to eliminate those negative thoughts. Being in nature allows you to remove yourself from the chaos and quiet your mind. Walk around the park, take a hike, or even drive around a pretty area with the windows down.


The negative thoughts we experience can interfere with our ability to live a full and prosperous life. Keeping everything in our minds and never releasing our thoughts can create a lot of problems in the long run.

Anytime you have a negative thought, write it down. You do not need to show anyone; this can be between you and the paper. The idea is to release the thoughts by expressing the emotions associated with them.

Positive Affirmations

Some examples of positive affirmations include –

• “I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to”
• “I am courageous, loved, and free”
• “I am in charge of how I feel today”
•“ I accept what I cannot change”

Many positive affirmations are circling the internet today. When you are working on getting rid of negative thoughts, do some research and find yourself the best positive affirmations. Write them down and set a reminder on your phone to say them daily.

These positive affirmations from Purlife are used to reprogram your thoughts. Overall, remember that any change takes time.