Guide To Choosing Negative Ions & Crystals

Guide To Choosing Negative Ions & Crystals

The choices are endless for negative ions & crystals jewelry. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to start. However, we’ve put together this guide to choosing negative ions & crystals. Each piece has a hidden power that can unlock your full potential!

What Are Negative Ions & Crystals?

Negative ions are negatively charged oxygen molecules. These molecules can be discovered naturally around the world. The best place to find negative ions are by waterfalls or seashores where the water crashes against rocks. Negative ions release an increased amount of oxygen. This boost of oxygen can bring balance and a change of mood.

On the other hand, crystals are a natural phenomenon that is created by mother nature. Crystals are formed by a specific order of molecules in a solid material. These molecules then form different colors and shapes to form a beautiful crystal. All crystals start off in liquid form but then harden through crystallization over time. These crystals have been used throughout history as a tool for holistic healing and balance.

Negative Ions For Change Of Mood

The first tip in our guide to choosing negative ions & crystals is to determine your type of lifestyle. Are you an active person or are you a homebody? Negative ions can help anyone with the right type of jewelry. A negative ion-infused sports bracelet is perfect for anyone that’s active or enjoys a run. They provide a sleek and sporty look that complements many styles. Negative ions can positively change your mood and increase oxygen levels. A boost in oxygen levels can also help with exercise and fitness.

For anyone looking for something that isn’t sporty then considers a nice negative ions-infused jewelry bracelet. A negative ions-infused jewelry bracelet can also step up your jewelry game.

Amethyst For Clear State Of Mind

For anyone that has a lot on their mind constantly then considers implementing amethyst crystals in everyday life. Amethyst is known to help calm the mind. This purple and violet crystal is by far one of the most popular crystals. The stunning look makes for a perfect gift for anyone. For hundreds of years, many people have used amethyst for its clarity of mind benefits. It works best when bundled with a negative ion-infused bracelet or necklace. Either style choice is a great option! It just depends on your style and what looks best for you.

Detox The Body With Tourmaline

The next tip in our guide to choosing negative ions & crystals is using tourmaline! This crystal has been used to detox the body from electromagnetic fields. These types of frequencies can be harmful to the body. However, when placing tourmaline at home or at the workplace then the levels of exposure decrease. Tourmaline is also known for making one feel grounded. This feeling of groundedness comes from a positive change of mood. Tourmaline is known to boost your confidence and strength. Overall, it’s a great gemstone to help the mind, body, and soul with every decision you make. There isn’t a better feeling than feeling confident in yourself and your decisions!

Citrine For Your Intellectual Side

The final tip in our guide to choosing negative ions & crystals is to implement citrine. Any student or anyone working hard to learn a new skill then considers using the citrine gemstone. This crystal is known to awaken the intellectual side of the mind. It’s best to place this crystal near your study area or workplace. Higher education will only open more opportunities in your life. These new opportunities can also lead to higher income.