Healing Crystals and What They Mean

Healing Crystals and What They Mean

The world of crystals has become quite a popular topic of discussion. It seems like every influencer, wellness store, movie, and TV show mentions them these days… and for good reason. Crystals emit an energy that can heal, transform, protect, and align.

These powerful gems can help you manifest your intentions and help you connect with the mind, body, and soul. If you’re finding it hard to pick a crystal, take some time to walk around the store and let your body naturally gravitate towards color and shape.

Take note of how your body feels when you hold each crystal and allow your sensations to do the work for you. These are some of Purlife’s favorite healing crystals and what they mean.

Popular Healing Crystals


This violet or purple crystal can be seen on display in many homes, offices, and yoga studios. It brings about a calming sensation that cleanses any negative energy. The amethyst protects against any ill wishes of others and electromagnetic stress. If you find it hard to remember your dreams, this particular crystal can assist with enhancing memory.


The “new beginnings” crystal stabilizes emotions and provides calmness. This particular crystal helps with inner growth and strength. The Moonstone can awaken feminine energies and helps with overall intuition, balance, and wishes.

Other Moonstone qualities:

  • Relieves stress
  • Reenergizes the mind and body

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink stone known to help restore trust and harmony in all relationships or close connections. It realigns the heart chakra to promote self-love and the absolute love of others. Rose Quartz is similar to the Moonstone as they both support emotional well-being. This is a perfect healing crystal to call in love or strength during a romantic relationship.

Red Jasper

This stone is nurturing and grounding. It is a stone used in many healing sessions and can help connect you with the vibrations of the earth. Travel with the Red Jasper when traveling or before you face a difficult situation. You cannot miss this beautiful, bright stone.


It is known as one of the oldest stones in man’s history. Turquoise is a stone of protection and strength. This healing crystal stimulates romantic love and promotes spontaneity.

Before You Get Started With New Crystals

All crystals should be cleansed before use to remove any unwanted energies. For all crystals to properly work, you must remove any negative thoughts and skepticism for the crystals to work. Even if you do not believe in the healing energies these crystals promote, consider them for beautiful art, jewelry, and gifts.