Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

Healing crystals are talked about all over Instagram, and Facebook feeds these days, but these organic stones, which promise to contain energy and special powers, have once again gained popularity.

We say ‘again’ because this is not a new phenomenon. Advocates of their crystal powers. Crystal dealers and sellers worldwide state that Egyptians of long ago believed that these stones possessed the capability to enhance and energize health and healing.

The resurgence of healing crystals could potentially function as a credible purpose inside our modern environment. They may not heal your disorders (no specific science confirms this), but they might soothe the spirit and do have a place in certain religious ceremonies and rituals.

Crystal Healing Myths Debunked

How Do Healing Crystals Work

Some crystal practitioners carry various ‘charged’ stones with them throughout the day, placing them around the home, or holding them in their hands while meditating in order to get their full effects.

Charging a stone is done by first cleansing the crystal to wash away and remove its absorbed energy. Its powers are then replenished by sunlight or moonlight, and it is thought to work better when done with a special intention or goal which the stone will be used for.

Though there are many different types of crystals, the goal in a healing ritual is always to make someone feel better- never worse. In a typical healing session, the subject will lie down, and a healing practitioner will place crystals on different chakras, or points, of the body. This is a process that can last anywhere from several minutes to a few hours.

Healing crystals are not a specific science and are not considered medicine. If anything, they are a type of holistic care, as they will not actually improve a medical diagnosis. But for those who believe in them, healing crystals are believed to improve your mood and overall well-being. Some call it a placebo effect or an alternative way of dealing with difficult situations. But healing crystals could help you feel more mentally mindful and resilient. The only way to know if healing crystals really work is to find a stone and seek out the good vibes for yourself.

Where to Find Healing Crystals

Before you invest in any crystals, it is recommended to make sure you research what you’re purchasing so that you know the source from which it came and that you can be sure it was done ethically. Look for stones that were hand-mined because this process is less harmful to the natural environment. Rather than mining via dynamite and destructive explosives.

Suppliers should also let you know exactly where their crystals are being sourced from. This is so you can be assured that they’re coming from a conflict-free zone.

Crystals are sold in many shapes and sizes but usually come as stones and smaller slices that can fit in the palm of your hand. Generally, the rare, larger crystals that include multiple minerals and colors tend to be more expensive, with extremely elaborate stones ranging well over $500 or more. But in most cases, you can find smaller versions of the same stone for anywhere between $10-$25. And sometimes even less.

It is clear that there are no scientific studies to prove conclusively whether healing crystals actually work or not. However, the strong personal testimonies of many people and the ancient practices of using crystals for healing suggest that they do have some sort of positive effect.

Ultimately, this is a decision each individual must make for themselves. If you believe in the power of crystals and have had positive results from using them. Then they may be something worth trying.