How Do Negative Ion Bracelets Work?

How Negative Ion Bracelets Work

You’ve heard all about negative ions and the incredible benefits that they can have on the human body, but with so many sources out there on the subject, it can be a little confusing to pinpoint the exact way that they work in nature.

If you’re anything like us here at Purlife, then you’ve dove deep into the research around negative ions but sometimes it can be nice to have it explained in layman’s terms. What are negative ions, where do they come from, and how do they work?

Where Do Negative Ions Occur In Nature?

Negative ions are found outdoors in large concentrations near shores and waterfalls where water molecules break as they crash into rocks. This phenomenon releases a lot of negatively charged oxygen molecules into the air which are called negative ions.

A negative ion bracelet isn’t that different in form from a tennis bracelet or a watch. What sets it apart is the materials the bracelet is made from. An ion bracelet produces negative ions through its materials. For example, tourmaline, in powder form, is most usually used in making this kind of bracelet.

Once worn, tourmaline is capable of producing the said ions by itself. This material, and all materials used in ion bracelets, share the same capability of producing the needed negative ion. It will then be absorbed by the body to take advantage of what the bracelet has to offer.

There are several materials to choose from in order to make this kind of bracelet. Tourmaline is the most commonly used. However, there are also negative ion bracelets made of silicon, titanium, germanium, and zeolite. Negative ions, in particular, offer several benefits. All of these benefits contribute to better functioning of the body.

Negative ions deliver an increased amount of oxygen to the brain which increases your brain’s operating capacity. Also, an ion bracelet is capable of protecting your body from EMF radiation. This kind of radiation was found to cause some unwanted effects on your body like sleeping patterns, heart rate, and mood.

Choosing an ion bracelet is like picking a piece of clothing. It should not only provide what your body needs, but it should also look good when you wear it. A balance between the benefits provided and comfort and trendiness should be your priority when looking out for the best one for you. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from at Purlife. So you can find the exact bracelet that is best for you!

Purlife Negative Ion Bracelets

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