How To Bring Balance To Your Chakras

How To Bring Balance To Your Chakras

The world has never been as connected as ever before! While technology has brought a new age of information, it also brought an imbalance in people’s chakras. Making sure that all of your chakras are balanced leads to a better life. We’ll be breaking down how to bring balance to your chakras.

Negative Ions For Physical Balance

The first tip for bringing balance to your chakras is to use negative ions. This type of energy helps with overall physical performance and energy. Negative ions are negatively charged molecules that carry plenty of oxygen molecules.

By using negative ion jewelry, then you’re able to get all the physical benefits.

The body becomes energized and balanced when using negative ions jewelry. It helps the body by increasing exposure to oxygen. This element is needed for overall physical function. An abundant amount of oxygen helps with any cardio or weight-lifting exercises.

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are the vital life force that every living has. Chakras carry energy called Ki from the sun and the universe’s energy. When energy cells intersect with another energy chain, it creates a vortex of energy.

This channel of energy is called the chakra. There are seven chakras that everyone has. Each chakra has a different name and serves a different purpose in this universe.

The root chakra involves you keeping grounded in life. The sacral chakra involves the vital organs and controls your feelings and relationships. The solar chakra involves the digestive system and is connected to self-empowerment. The heart chakra works with your heart and maintains your love for another person.

The throat chakra involves your speech and ability to speak your mind. The third eye chakra deals with your intuition. Lastly, the crown chakra involves the ego and its connection to divine powers.

Amethyst Balances The Crown Chakra

The second tip on how to bring balance to your chakras is to use amethyst. This purple-violet gemstone is associated with the crown chakra. That chakra is in control of having a purpose in life. When this chakra is off, then you might feel lost in life. When the crown chakra is balanced, then you have an understanding of your purpose and feel grounded in your work.

Use amethyst with everyday jewelry like necklaces or bracelets. This gemstone can also be used by placing raw gemstones in your home. Exposing your energy to amethyst’s energy brings balance to your everyday life.

Balance Confidence With Tourmaline

Are you having trouble with self-confidence? Well, this means that the solar chakra is off. Balance your solar chakra by incorporating tourmaline as a raw gemstone. This gemstone brings a boost in confidence. Not having a strong confidence level will impact your professional and personal life.

Bring balance to your confidence by using tourmaline. It’s a fine dark gemstone that can be used in jewelry or as a raw gemstone. Be sure to place tourmaline by your bed or wear it in jewelry. Expose your energy to tourmaline to bring better balance to your self-confidence.

Ammolite For Balancing Energy

If you’re feeling like your energy levels are never consistent, then consider using ammolite. This gemstone is related to the root chakra, which also helps your energy. Ammolite resembles green emeralds for its luxurious color.

It’s perfect as a gift to a loved one or for yourself. Balancing your energy charka is important to ensure that your emotions are in check as well. Your energy plays a big role in how you’re feeling. Being energized usually means that you’re in a better mood. Be sure to use ammolite to balance your energy!