How to Generate Negative Ions at Work

How to Generate Negative Ions at Work

Are you worried that you may not be getting enough exposure to negative ions while you’re at your work desk? You’re not alone! Negative ions are rarely found indoors and in office buildings because negative ions are obstructed by concrete and man-made structures! Luckily, there are some ways that you can generate negative ions at work in order to reap the many benefits of negative ions. If you’d like to learn more about how to generate negative ions indoors at work, follow these simple tips and be sure to check out the Purlife blog.

Replicating Negative Ion Generation Indoors

If you want to generate negative ions at work, then you need to replicate ion generation as it would occur in the great outdoors! While most of us don’t work right next to a large body of water where we can take advantage of breaking waves to help generate negative ions, we can still bring highly conductive materials into our office and keep them around our workspace to have a similar effect.

Decorate With Tourmaline and Other Negative Ion Generating Stones

Did you know that tourmaline is one of the best natural sources of negative ion generation? That’s right! When tested with instruments, tourmaline stones show some of the highest concentrations of negatively charged oxygen molecules. That means that keeping raw tourmaline at your desk can help you generate negative ions at work. On top of that, a nice solid chunk of tourmaline looks awesome and makes for great desk decoration.

Wear Negative Ion Jewelry

If you’re not into the idea of decorating your desk with large, raw gemstones like tourmaline, then you can always opt to wear your negative ions! That’s easy to do thanks to negative ion jewelry such as pendants and bracelets. Negative ion bracelets are stylish and functional, and they get the job done!

Illuminate Your Desk Space With Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your workspace while generating negatively ionized air particles, then you definitely need a salt lamp. Salt lamps look cool whether they are turned on or off because of their salmon-pink stone, but they also serve a wonderful function for generating negative ions while you are at your desk.

When heated (such as when you place a lightbulb against the stone). The salt lamp causes oxygen molecules around it to have a reaction that generates negatively charged ions. These ions, in a concentrated enough form, can have significant health benefits.

Purlife Negative Ion Lifestyle

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