Light up Your Mood With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Light Up Your Mood With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Light up Your Mood with a Himalayan Salt Lamp
For many people, winter can cause their mood to take a dip. This can be caused by less sunlight due to shorter days, and more time spent inside and not in nature due to the colder temperature and inclement weather. Winter can have you feeling under the weather, so it is important to find ways to boost your mood when you’re feeling down.

One of the ways the best ways that you could light up your mood is with a Himalayan salt lamp! Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions that make you feel better. At Purlife, we know all about the negative ion life, and we’re here to share the benefits that salt lamps can have on your mood.

Negative Ions

Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to produce negative ions. Salt is known to have hygroscopic properties that attract moisture in the air. This water that the salt lamps collect tends to make the salt lamps look like they are sweating. This water then evaporates as a result of the heat that is produced by the lamp. When this water evaporates, negative ions that boost your mood are produced.

Air Quality

Since Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic, they cause the moisture to evaporate. Evaporating moisture and negative ions may help improve air quality. It is thought that dust and other pollutants get left on the salt lamp, thus purifying the air.

Lights and Colors Are Soothing

Stress can play a big role in causing us to be in a bad mood. One of the ways that you can lower your stress levels is by introducing a salt lamp into the rooms where you relax. Himalayan salt lamps may improve your mood simply by exposing you to soothing colors. Salt lamps emit an orange glow which is a color that is believed to calm you down.

Improves Sleep

Himalayan salt lamps can help lighten your mood by filling your room with negative ions. Negative ions can help improve your mood by allowing you to regulate your sleep. Increased sleep is proven to boost your mood and is even linked to helping curb the symptoms of depression.

Research has shown that participants were able to sleep better and fall asleep easier in rooms where they were exposed to negative ions.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Himalayan salt lamps create negative ions, which can boost your mood. Salt lamps may improve air quality, calm and soothe, and improve your sleep habits — all of which improve your mood.