National Parks to Visit to Get the Most Out of Negative Ions

National Parks to Visit to Get the Most Out of Negative Ions

Negative ions are a bit of magical element that emits positive influences to people who are exposed to them. They’ll find themselves happier and energized because of the excellent health benefits that negative ions warrant. And what better way is it to immerse oneself to these components by traveling the US to find the most highly concentrated negative ion hubs?

Niagara Falls, New York

With strong water flow comes a high concentration of negative ions. Niagara Falls is not only majestic in its nature, but it is enriched with negative ions. You’ll find this overwhelmingly large waterfall stretching from the boundaries of New York to Ontario, Canada. Talk about being in two places at once!

Yosemite Park, California

Yosemite Park is one of America’s most beloved national parks because it is home to many rock formations, trails, and beautiful scenery. This park is also supplemented with negative ions as it has many trails ending with waterfalls. The current of the water may come and go depending on different peaks of the season. This makes spring the best season to catch the heaviest flow of water due to the snow melting.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Let nature heal you with this natural hot spring found in Arkansas. This natural pool is one of United States’ favorite tourist spots, and negative ions thrive in this area. This famous bathhouse hosts nearly a million visitors every year which is a must-experience attraction.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

Native Americans call this a winding river. This place is packed with many trails that are excellent for hiking and bicycling. Many of its hills, caves, and waterfalls are just some of the areas that attract frequent visitors all year round.