Socially Distant Spring Activities for the Whole Family

Socially Distant Spring Activities for the Whole Family

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, the desire to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with the family. But it’s still just as important as ever to be socially distanced from others. So what are you and your family supposed to do?

Your friends here at Purlife have put together a few ideas for socially distant Spring activities for the whole family to enjoy, from going outdoors to staying in and picking up a few healthy hobbies. Here are our top picks for socially distant Spring activities.

Go Outside for a Picnic

Just because you have to be socially distanced doesn’t mean you must stay cooped up all month long. Try going outdoors to somewhere quiet and peaceful where you are unlikely to run into crowds of people and treat the family to a nice picnic. By pre-making some sandwiches and hiking with the family, you can have a great time outdoors while being physically active and socially distant.

Be Active Indoors

Don’t feel like going outdoors? No problem! There are plenty of ways that you can be socially distanced by staying indoors while still having a blast with the whole family. One way to do this is to find a fun activity or game, like a dancing video game or twister, and spend the day indoors with the family. By choosing activities like those, you can keep your family home all day while playing a fun game that gets your cardiovascular system pumping.

Pick up a Fun Hobby Like Cooking

If there is one activity that the whole family can get in on this spring, it’s cooking. Getting together and learning how to cook delicious and healthy Springtime recipes can be fun. It doesn’t require anyone to go outside and mingle with strangers. It’s safe to say that most of us have spent the pandemic scrolling through social media and looking at fantastic recipes. Why not get the whole family together to start making them?

Start Crafting

One of our favorite socially distant Spring activities is anything that has to do with crafting. This spring, you can find great Spring crafting ideas that revolve around spring themes. Crafting is a great way to engage your mind while staying indoors and being socially distanced from other people. Crafting can be a great pass-time for family members of all ages, from the kids and even grandma and grandpa.

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