The Benefit of Wearing a Sports Bracelet

The Benefit of Wearing a Sports Bracelet

If you spend any time outdoors, you’ve probably noticed that wearing sports bracelets is an incredibly popular trend among people who love to hike, golf, or spend leisure time outdoors! It’s no wonder why! Sports bracelets are incredibly comfortable, and stylish, and come in a large variety of colors and materials. At Purlife, we have a wide selection of negative ion bracelets designed to be worn comfortably specifically to match your active lifestyle. Sports bracelets are incredibly popular, but are there really benefits to wearing them around? In fact, there are! There are many reasons why people continue wearing sports bracelets. Here are just a few reasons.

Health Benefits

Sports bracelets became popularized because many famous athletes started wearing them while competing. Sports bracelets like those at Purlife are proven to generate negative ion particles that are also thought to benefit health. With the combination of athlete endorsement and the creation of negative ions, people have always wondered if there were any real health benefits of wearing a sports bracelet. In fact, there are a few health benefits of wearing negative ion bracelets! First, the negatively charged ions realign our body’s magnetic field. Additionally, negative ions help improve blood flow while reducing inflammation when present in high enough concentrations.


When sports bracelets were gaining popularity, it was (and still is) very common for athletes to partner with sports bracelets for promotional purposes. Everyday folks like you and me can also wear negative ion sports bracelets to promote things as well! For example, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is represented by the color green. You can wear a green negative ion sports bracelet to show your support for this cause throughout the month of May.


In addition to the health benefits of wearing a sports bracelet, some people choose to wear them simply for the look of it. Sports bracelets tend to have a soft, rubber wristband that is very colorful. This can make your wrist-wear stand out with your outfit!

Different Styles of Negative Ion Bracelets

The benefits of negatively charged ions aren’t unique to Purlife sports bracelets. Negative ion bracelets also come in a wide range of styles and materials that have been shown to generate a high concentration of negative ions, such as tourmaline, titanium, and other natural stones. It is also common to find negative ion bracelets made of the precious metal of your choice and embedded with tourmaline or diamonds. These bracelets have a higher output of negative ions and can also be worn with more dressed-up attire.

Purlife Negative Ion Bracelets

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