The Science Behind Negative Ions


Dr. Jacob, Professor of Physiology with the Public Sanitation Institute of Harvard University acclaims negative ions as “Vitamins of the Air.”

Dr. Svante August Arrhenius, A Swedish chemist who received the Nobel Chemistry in 1903, discovered that the air is full of negative ions near waterfalls and forests. He formulated his theory of electrolytic dissociation, or “ionization.”

At the turn of the Century, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Dr. Phillip Eduard Anton Lennard, confirmed that negative ions are found in very high density in the basin of waterfalls and in the seaside.

The Lenard Effect

“Lenard Effect: The separation of electric charges accompanying the aerodynamic breakup of water drops, first studied systematically by the German physicist P. Lenard. Experiments have shown that the degree of charge separation in spray processes depends upon the drop temperature, presence of dissolved impurities, speed of the impinging air blast, and contact with foreign surfaces. The largest fragments of the broken drops are observed to carry positive charges (or cations) and the fine spray of drops carried off in the impinging air current carries net negative charges (anions).”

Negative Ions are molecules with extra electrons. They are odorless tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments like waterfalls, beaches, and mounts. When they reach our bloodstream, Anions produce biochemical reactions that neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, and they protect the body and mind from the harmful effects of environmental stressors such as electromagnetic fields.

Increased Longevity in Negative Ion Environments

Our current environments are full of harmful cations while various modern diseases and illnesses are increased due to the decreased numbers of benevolent anions (negative ions). People who live in areas of abundant anions have an average longevity of 85, while those in areas of depleted anions have an average longevity around 50.

Seashore living usually guarantees one element that folks living in the cities or near industrial areas lack. The ambient air found on the seashore is much more clean and fresh than inland air. The winds and gentle breezes which regularly visit the coastal communities ensure a constant revitalization of the ambient atmosphere. It is not surprising to learn that vacationers like to go to either the beach or the mountains. They know that these venues provide a healthier environment with clean, fresh air. People generally feel much better on the beach or in the mountains.

The Benefits of Natural Anions

Natural Anions have many health benefits. They enhance the immune system and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu, can provide relief from sinus, allergies and hay fever, they plan an important role in mood and sleep patterns. Anions act to reduce serotonin levels in the respiratory system, blood and brain, while cations increased serotonin levels.

Negative ions work by giving off specific alternative electrical currents that are composed through different interaction between positive and negative ions. Both positive and negative ions are found everywhere – from the air, the ground, and in our bodies. The science behind negative ion therapy hypothesizes that once the negative ions reach the bloodstream through the lungs, they increase the body chemical called serotonin, they increase energy and stamina levels, alleviate stress, and improve our ability to focus.

We’re all familiar with the rejuvenating effects of clean, fresh air. This burst of negative ions and the subsequent release of serotonin produces a refreshing, revitalized feeling. PureLife bracelets and wristbands will help to restore bodily energy and strength, release stresses, and reduce pains. Golfers may use a wristband to release stresses and pains in their wrists and shoulders, which enables them to improve their golf swing. Professional athletes use them to bring out their best performance, increase stamina and strength. Other effects of PureLife bracelets include restoration of important balance of ions in the body, greater focus and concentration, and improved recovery of athletic fatigue.