3 Ways to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Today

3 Ways to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Today

A healthy lifestyle is a long-term commitment that requires tremendous willpower. Progress will come with highs and lows as you find yourself under lots of temptation. Whether it’s drinking at the bar or indulging in ice cream at twelve in the morning, the guilty pleasures will come with consequences. So, when you decide that today is when the unhealthy habits stop, refer to the following checklist:

Get a Hold of Your Health Status

Make an appointment with your doctor and your dentist. When you’re there, take that opportunity to find out whether you’re in need of routinely screening and immunization. At that point, ask them any questions that you might have especially for long term purposes.

You might also want to invest in a health diary. Write down everything that you’ve been eating for the past few weeks and see the pattern. Do not skip any meals or snacks even if you feel embarrassed about jotting them down. The idea behind this concept is to understand your patterns in consumption.

Understand your energy and your mood. When you live a healthy lifestyle, you also consider your emotional wellness. If you have symptoms of depression or anxiety, you may want to consult a doctor about these issues.

Measure your weight, height and check your BMI. You may also measure your waist circumference as this information will show whether you’re overweight or obese. Knowing this information will prevent you from future health risks.

Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits

If you know that you have problems such as depression, diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease, you may want to do something about this. Consider a treatment that you can do to address the issues at hand. By doing so, you’ll be preventing other diseases from developing within your system. If you also have other risky behaviors, for example, smoking, address this issue with your doctor.

Move Your Body and Get Shakin’

Physical activities don’t have to be boring or strenuous. Make the exercise fun and enjoyable for yourself. Consider hiking with friends, or joining a karate class. There’s no point in pushing yourself to use a cardio equipment especially when you do not enjoy it. What matters is that you’re doing something that’s beneficial to your body without the resentment of exercising.

Along with physical activity, keep track of your progress. Try a calendar or a notepad where you can tally the dates to which days you have exercised.

Of course, if you do not have time to exercise, implement some physical activity during your day. Why? 20% of exercise is better than 0%. Whether that’s going on a walk during lunch or taking the stairs, progress is important. Start small if you have to!