What Is Negative Ion Oxygenation and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Negative Ion Oxygenation and Why Do You Need It

Negative ion oxygenation occurs when ion molecules in the air gain or lose their electrical charge. This occurs naturally when air molecules break apart with sunlight, radiation, and breaking water. The resulting ions are known as negative ions. But don’t be worried, there is nothing negative about them. Negative ions have many benefits that improve our health and wellness.

Negative Ions Are Air Purifiers

Have you ever stopped to notice that the air that you breathe when you are in nature, near waterfalls, or after it rains just makes you feel better? The smell of rain is caused by negative ion oxygenation, and it acts as a natural air purifier. Negative ions attach to airborne particles and create a negative charge that removes the particles from the air. Of course, with cleaner air, comes fewer allergies, fewer respiratory issues, and better overall air quality.

Negative Ions Neutralize Free Radicals

Negative ions aren’t just beneficial to the air around us, but they are also incredibly beneficial for our bodies by preventing oxygenation and neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals can be responsible for the growth of cancer cells, so it is important to prevent them as much as possible. Free radicals are positively charged, so when they attach to negative ions, they become neutralized. This is important because once they are neutralized, they cannot go on to cause excessive damage to your cells.

Negative Ions Revitalize Cell Metabolism

Cell metabolism is acquiring nutrients from the blood and excreting waste out of the body. This is an incredibly important function of cells. When your body has more free radicals (positively charged ions), the body’s cells metabolize slower, causing numerous issues. When introducing more negative ions into the body, the body metabolizes more effectively and efficiently. As mentioned before, negative ions neutralize the free radicals that slow metabolism. Without effective cellular metabolism, the body can become slower, and weaker, and will shut down easier than it would otherwise.

Negative Ions Enhance Immune Function

As a direct result of slow cellular metabolism, the human body’s immune system begins to slow and weaken. Cell reproduction and metabolism are incredibly important for our health and well-being, which is why negative ions play an important role in keeping us healthy.

Negative Ions Promote Deep Sleep

In addition to keeping your body healthy through neutralizing free radicals, negative ions also help promote the creation of dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin, which go a long way in improving the quality of your sleep, reducing stress, and ultimately improving your mood.

Experience Negative Ions with Purlife

Negative ions are not a magic remedy, but rather an important part of our environment that promote overall wellness. Negative ions may be lacking in our daily lives as we do not spend much time outdoors, so it is important to find a way to introduce more negative ions into your immediate space. At Purlife, we help promote negative ion living with the latest natural negative ions.