Where Can You Find Negative Ions?

Where Can You Find Negative Ions

If you’ve been following the Purlife blog for some time now, then you are aware of the many benefits that negative ions can bring to your life. Negative ions surround us in nature, and they can help with everything from sleep to depression. But negative ions are primarily found in nature and away from the busy life of urban living. Although ionic energy is created naturally outdoors, it can still be created indoors using various natural resources conducive to negative ions. Here are a few examples of where you can find negative ions outside of nature.

Ways to Expose Yourself to More Negative Ions

We know that you can find negative ions in the great outdoors anywhere where there is crashing water, from UV rays, and even in the soil that we stand on. But within our busy lives, it can be hard to get out into nature and immerse yourself in negative ion-filled environments. So where can you find negative ions in smaller quantities that still bring you many great benefits?

Plug in a Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you want one of the best ways to fill your environment with negative ions, whether at your desk at work or in your bedroom at home, you want to invest in a quality Himalayan Salt Lamp. Blocks of Himalayan Salt are an incredible way to generate negative ions because they have been shown to produce a high negative ion count, especially when heated. When heated, the energy that salt lamps create goes into the air and helps calm, smooth, and improve your overall mood.

Burn a Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles are commonly burned to help purify the air. When charged with a catalyst (the fire from a wick), beeswax produces negative ions that pair with positive ions in the air and become too heavy to remain, purifying the air. The energy emitted from this process works in the same way as a salt lamp, helping improve your general mood.

Use an Indoor Water Fountain

Negative ions are found in incredibly high concentrations wherever water breaks. Because of this, they can be most felt at waterfalls and shorelines where the water crashes into rocks. This same principle is applied to indoor water fountains. When you are near breaking water, the air becomes flooded with negative ion energy you can feel immediately.

Wear Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals

Another great source of negative ion energy is the gemstones and crystals that come straight from the earth. Much like Himalayan Salt Lamps, gemstones are highly conductive to negative ion energy, and they have been proven to generate infrared waves. These make gemstones a good conductive material for negative ions. All that considered, Tourmaline is the single most conductive gemstone, so it is the preferred source of negative ions for many people.