15 Ways to Practice Self-Love

15 Ways to Practice Self-Love

The list of things to practice self-love is endless. There are so many ways we can embrace our inner beings as individuals and love ourselves more every day by instilling positive thoughts and activities. But as humans, we aren’t designed to be perfect. Although we’ll have those days when we won’t love ourselves more than yesterday, let us not lose hope! Check out this ever-growing list of things we can do to celebrate ourselves.

15 Ways to Love Yourself More

1. Clean and organize your home

Love yourself more by showing some love to the space you live in. Take the time to donate clothes and other unwanted items to your favorite charity. Clean out your pantry or fridge to make room for a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Invest your time or money to get your home deep cleaned. You’ll feel a sense of pride in yourself.

2. Minimize screen time

Recent studies say, “Social media has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, narcissism, and decreased social skills.” Away from the bad habits of scrolling through social media endlessly during downtime or when you’re bored and instead do things that will benefit you creatively– read a book, write poetry, take the dog out for a walk. Don’t rely on your phone for self-love or attention.

3. Forgive others and ourselves

How will we love ourselves more if we hold grudges and bitterness against others or ourselves? Instill it in your mind that humans aren’t perfect, and to love the life we live, we need to accept our past and challenges as blessings and opportunities to grow instead.

4. Pamper yourself

Plan out a day to treat yourself. From getting a full-body massage, your hair or nails done or shopping for a new wardrobe. Don’t forget to smile while doing it!

5. Never compare yourself to others

Get out of the notion by comparing yourself to others. Focus on yourself at the moment. It can be really easy for other people to influence our thoughts and actions, so remember that instead of comparing others, love them.

6. Plan an adventure

Give yourself something fun to look forward to by yourself or with your best friend. Travel to places you’ve never been and experience things that will continually give you healthy world perspectives. There is so much to see!

7. Spend time in nature

Surround yourself with the vast and beautiful places of nature. Hike to a waterfall, go to the beach often, or plan a camping trip with your best friends. You’ll appreciate the world and life a lot more.

8. Unleash your inner artist

Do it, whether it’s writing, playing music, dancing, or playing with watercolor paint! Express yourself in ways that are healthy for your brain and your heart.

9. Stay in the moment

Focus on the now and today by letting go of yesterday’s troubles and tomorrow’s worries. If meditation or prayer is your method of staying present, do what you 100% believe in.

10. Eliminate toxic people in your life

Keeping negative people that bring you down is unhealthy. Cut ties with people that bring nothing but harm to your life physically, emotionally, and mentally.

11. Create a positive space

Along with tip #1, create a space that keeps you inspired and positive. Set up your favorite candles, spend time in a dream journal, and stick inspirational quotes around your life to keep the vibes enthusiastic and encouraging.

12. Stick to a fitness routine you love

Love the body you have while working for the body you want. Forget the scale and forget the talk about calories and diets. Embrace your body, including what you consider flaws and imperfections.

13. Plan out your meals/snacks

While loving yourself emotionally and mentally, feed your body what it needs. Remember, moderation is key! Along with flourishing your body with the proper nutrients it needs, it doesn’t hurt to have that slice of cake occasionally.

14. Do what makes you feel beautiful

Love who you are by doing everything that makes you feel confident. If you love wearing that red lipstick to work, wear it! Have a favorite dress? Rock it like never before!

15. Prioritize sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Get eight hours of sleep every night, and if taking naps makes you feel refreshed on the weekends, do it!